The Best Links and Notes about RAC

- Installing Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on Linux x86

- Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) is a shared file system designed specifically for Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC). OCFS eliminates the requirement for Oracle database files to be linked to logical drivers. OCFS volumes can span one shared disk or multiple shared disks for redundancy and performance enhancements (Note 224586.1).

- Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS) on RedHat Advanced Server. ML Note:224586.1

- Oracle Cluster File System for Linux

- RAC Frequently Asked Questions  ML Note:220970.1

- Step-By-Step Installation of RAC on Linux   ML Note:184821.1

- Linux Quick Reference ML Note:341782.1

- Build Your Own Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 Cluster on Linux and FireWire

- Oracle by Example - Oracle Database 10g on VMware/RAC

- The Oracle-on-Linux VMware Cookbook

- Building an Inexpensive Oracle10g Release 2 RAC Configuration on Linux - (RHEL 4.2)

- Build a Windows 10g Laptop RAC

- Installing Oracle RAC 10g Release 2 on Linux x86

- Installing Oracle Database 10g with Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3

- Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) Official Documentation

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