Sharing big files on the Internet

It is not always easy to attach those big files to e-mail messages as the attachment limit for most ISPs is about 10MB. Don’t be disappointed - there are some slick –and free–Web sites for sending really big files. Both Dropload and YouSendIt let you send single files of up to 1GB in size. (Warning: For professional users on fast broadband connections, only. Do not try this on dial-up.)

Both Dropload and YouSendIt are quick n’ easy to use, with no ActiveX installations or other hassles. With YouSendIt, just tell the site the location of the file on your drive and who the file goes to, and the file is on its way. I like being able to send the file to multiple addresses. Dropload’s advantage is that once you’re registered (and don’t worry, it’s benign), you can save recipient e-mail addresses. That’s handy if you need to send a file to the same person at a later date.

Using another free service RapidShare, you can upload the file on their server and Rapidshare give you a unique URL for each uploaded file. However, free users have to wait for a few seconds before the download begins. And only Premium Member can resume broken downloads.