Paul's Oracle Links

Introduction And Installation

Introduction to Oracle SQL & PL/SQL  

Quick Tips for Oracle and UNIX
PL/SQL Functions
Initialization Parameters LINK1  and LINK2(orafaq)
Analytic Functions

Explicit Cursors



Composite Datatypes

Native Dynamic SQL New Features of Oracle 8i

9i Specific Docs

New Features of Oracle 9i



Advanced PL/SQL (Collections and BULK operations)

Oracle 9i Articles (Oracle Base)                                        

10g Specific Docs

New Features of Oracle 10g 
Oracle 10g Top 20 Features  
Tuning 10g on Linux using ASM
New Features in Data Guard
Background Processes
Install 10g Instant Client
Auditing in 10g
Wait Interface and Events
Oracle 10g Products (Standard Edition vs EE)
Oracle Official Documentation Site 
Oracle Database 10g Products RMAN New Features

Unix Specific Docs

Quick Guide for RHAS 30 for Oracle and Tuning
Installing Oracle 10g on Linux x86

Best Site for Linux and Oracle

Installing Cygwin and X Windows System

Large SGA on UNIX
Installing Oracle 9i for SUN
Linux Benchmark (Secuity_over_Linux) Uninstalling Oracle
Linux - Oracle Articles

Summary of Unix Commands

Linux Admin Quick Reference

Linux Administration Commands Writing_Unix_Scripts and Bash Shell

VI Quick Reference

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Manuals
Unix Command Translator
Unix porting Commands


Oracle Internal Architecture


Memory Configuration and Use

Multiple Buffers Pools

TUNING (install, tune, analyze, UNDO, explain plan, hints)

Tips for effective queries (Rules, Driving Table, Explain Plan)

All about Triggers and Event Attributes CBO and the use of DBMS_STATS
CheckPoint Tuning and Redo Logs Tune Redo Log Buffer
Statspack: Configuration
Wait Interface
All about Wait_Events

All about LATCHES

SQLTrace and TKProf

Managing Tablespaces and Datafiles

Retrieving the Top-N rows

New Tablespaces Management options

Transportable Tablespaces



Oracle Replication Survival Guide Resolving Replication Problems
High Availability Solutions Replication: Creation in 8i (txt version)

Replication: Creation in 8i and Tune (doc version)

Encirq Replication Environment

RAC Filesystem Options
RAC Links and ML Notes

Standby or Data Guard

Standby DB: Concepts and Creation Standby DB: Another Method to Create

Data Guard Recommendations

Events that affect Standby DB

Create non-automatic Standby DB
Activate non-automatic Standby

Backup & Recovery

Backup and Recovery General Information Backup And Recovery Information
Recovery Procedure (Graphical) Recovery Procedures

Recover with Missing Arch Redo Logs

Implementing Restore and Recovery Strategy

Backup And Recovery Scripts More RMAN Examples and Docs

Recovery Manager (RMAN)


A Typical RMAN Setup and Configuration

Manage RMAN Repository

Good Link with DB Backup and Recovery Info

PeopleSoft Docs

Application Messages Troubleshooting Guide

Environment Management Guide                          






Windows Specific Docs

NT and Oracle Performance Managing Oracle on NT

Oracle on Win2000 for OLTP Tuning Guide

Oracle on NT for OLTP Tuning Guide


Configuring VLDB (excellent info about RAID)


Assorted Docs

Effective Coding Style, Naming Standards and Architectural Tips

Oracle Configuration Standards

Optimal Physical Database Design
Secure your database
Temporary Tables Encrypt_Data_and_Code

All about DBMS_Jobs and Intervals

Intermedia Text


Oracle Datatypes

Tools, Tips and Techniques for DW

Oracle Limitations

Cloning a Database

Parallel Query



All about UTL_FILE Package RAID Configuration

Audit Options

Managing BFILEs

Multi-Threaded Server Overview (MTS) or Shared Server

Type of Indexes

SQL Loader

Profiling in 8i

Loading Data Faster: Testing different Options
Send Mail Through Oracle
Oracle 9i vs. MySQL
SQL Server and Oracle Comparison  Linux vs. Windows NT
Oracle Locking Survival Guide   Create Sample Schemas
SQL Injection Walkthrough   SQL Injection Exampl
Applying Patches to Oracle Several Non Oracle Related Tips
Materialized Views  Autonomus Transactions 
Unix Oracle FAQ  Database Resource Manager (DRM)                                     

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